In days of old, Caith was a sprawling kingdom of ruthless barbarian hordes that spread across the western coasts of the continent. However, the nation’s growth was checked and choked off by the rise of its great enemy, O’rland, and then by the growth the merchant state of Fife. The once great kingdom then shrunk to a patch of marshland on the northwestern peninsula, and its people dwelled in poverty as the remains of Caith dwindled into an underdeveloped and un-nourished country.

It was not until the very end of the Third Age, three years ago, when a shadar-kai warlord named Guitar came to Caith and gave it new purpose. His shadar-kai warriors and his cabal of witches reorganized Caith and reinvigorated its people. They built a mighty army meant to invade the island nation of Antenora, but before the invasion could be realized, Guitar vanished and Antenora’s government dissolved.

Now Caith and its army waits for the action it was promised. Under the rule of Lady Morgan, Guitar’s top witch, Caith has maintained its borders against the demon hordes that took Fife and even reclaimed a stretch of land—Roland’s Corridor—once owned by O’rland.

With O’rland growing weaker by the day and the demons of Fife looking to expand, Caith will soon have the outlet for action that it has long desired.



The Rise of Caith PoorTom