The Rise of Caith

A Promise #1

Did I Stutter?

On a brisk, mid-autumn evening, three particularly…unique adventurers arrived at Reke’s tavern in Wetsole Way after receiving a summons that promised lucrative work for the Empire. When they arrived they found no sign of the tavern’s usual patrons, but a peculiar man drenched in seawater appeared with beers to go around. This grey-cloaked, one-eyed, sea druid called himself Kaeton Vralavet, a representative of the Salasar Isles. It seemed that Kaeton had fled the Isles after the madman known as Eurole killed his brother, the king, took the throne, and planned to assault the coasts of Caith. Kaeton and Lady Morgan (who came straight outta nowhere) proposed that the party sail to the Isles, slip into Castle Greycourt, and assassinate the mad usurper, while Kaeton’s allies sought out the slain king’s cousin, Faeron, and set him on the throne. Thus the Isles would be at peace again, and Lady Morgan would have a more dependent ally ruling them. In theory anyway.

So, the party set off from Wetsole Way to the small docks. On the way, they happened across a band of lowly, violent shifters known as the Shit-Kickers. The bandits, who were in the midst of drowning a woman wearing the sigil of O’rland, claimed that they were working for the Empire to capture spies. Grall, the soft-hearted stone man, would have none of it. Wren, the gross little competitor of the Shit Kickers, wanted to get his murder and vengeance on. Zan-Kyri could give a fuck. The Shit Kickers were dispatched in gruesome fashion, and the Orlandi woman, Mari, was saved. She claimed that she was seeking out a secret audience with Lady Morgan to propose terms of peace between Caith and O’rlandi. She seemed unable to make her way safely to the capital, so the party, mainly Grall, decided to take her with them. Whoops.

The party then reached Kaeton’s ship, the Revenant, a patchwork frigate that had surely seen better days. It’s crew certainly had, as they had all been ghoulified. Kaeton mentioned that he was hounded out of the Isles by Eurole’s men. His ship was nearly sunk, and his crew slowly died of illness and starvation. Kaeton was forced to resort to a necromantic pact to re-man the vessel and thus reach Caith.

The party then ses sail, and when they crossed over into Salasar territory, they were nearly (and in Zan-Kyri’s case, definitely) overwhelmed by the hostile forces surrounding the isles. As Kaeton put it: “Our islands are little more than scrubbed stone drifting in the sea. The sea itself bears no love for us. Elsewhere, oceans and their storms move under the direction of higher beings or by the whims of chance. Here these forces feel for themselves. They feel us tread on their backs, and they buck.” He then goes into some background on the religious inclinations of the islanders, but that probably isn’t very important.

During the second night on the sea, Zan-kyri is attacked by Mari the oh-so-ungrateful, while Wren and Grall discovered symbols of a demon pact etched all over her cabin. Mari initiated the pact to better contend with Zan-kyri, and in doing so, the poor mortal was rent asunder to summon a marilith demon into the material plane. Together, the party was able to take her down, and Grall proved himself adept at stoving in skulls.

The party landed at a smugglers bay positioned conveniently below a cliff-face supporting Castle Greycourt. After barely coming to an agreement with some dimwitted pirates, the party was shown a path into the King Eurole’s private chambers. There, they waited for him to settle down to bed, and then Wren the sneak slipped into the chamber to slit his throat. It seemed easy enough until grubby black tentacles appeared to seam up the throat-hole that Wren so expertly cut. Eurole then sprouted some tentacles and summoned his creepily masked Saltpriets, and the battle was underway. After some struggle, Eurole’s forces were overwhelmed and his throat was slit for real. From that hole, an otherworldly voice called out to the party: “I await your arrival. You have no means of escape but through me.” What the hell does that mean?


A Promise #1

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